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    Welcome to GloTech International, the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality grade photoluminescent powder pigments at the most competitive prices on the market today.


    Headquartered in New Zealand, we are the market leader in the manufacture and supply of premium grade photoluminescent products to a wide variety of industry sectors worldwide. We are leading the world in the advancement of photoluminescent technology for the world’s major industries. Our glow crystals are non-toxic, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly, and safe for human use. They are ideal for use in a wide variety of resins and mediums including solvent and aqueous based paint systems, compound plastics (both extruded and injected molded), glass, ceramic glaze coats, silicone, and many others.


    Manufactured according to the latest in self-emitting light technology, our photoluminescent pigments are acknowledged to be the best and brightest in the market, meeting and exceeding many international standards. They come in a wide variety of colors and particle sizes, and are utilized in the manufacture of our complete range of products. Our clients, be they leading blue-chip multi-national corporations or government agencies, look to us to provide solutions in the safety, tourism, military, construction, sports, advertising, and maritime industries. Here you will be able to find the highest quality grade photoluminescent glow powder pigments and glow in the dark products for your needs. Our products charge up under both sun and artificial light sources. After discharge, the process can be repeated without limit or deterioration of performance. If you are searching for the brightest and longest glow in the dark pigment, or anything that glows in the dark, you have come to the right place.


    We are committed to product quality and service excellence. Through the continual exploration of new areas of application for state-of-the-art photoluminescent technology, we take pride in introducing new, innovative products and solutions for our customers. Whether you are a hobbyist looking for way to make a product glow, or a manufacturer seeking an innovative solution, our experts have the answer to your needs.

  • Our Work

    Here are some of the projects we have worked on with our partners worldwide

    Phosphoros 2011


    We participated in the first “International Workshop on Persistent Phosphors” forum for the international research community on persistent phosphors that took place in Het Pand, a former Dominican monastery in the historical heart of Ghent, Belgium.

    Glass Applications


    Internazionale del Mobile di Milano

    Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano is one of the top exhibitions in Europe, showcasing domestic furnishing solutions and the trendsetters of tomorrow.

    4L Liberty

    4L Liberty

    The 4L Trophy is a cross country car rally lasting 10 days and covers over 6000 km, starting from France, through Spain and finishing in Morocco, with participants travelling in pairs in the Renault 4L.


    The 4L Trophy has a humanitarian dimension as crews must embark aboard their Renault 4L with school supplies and equipment for the destitute children of Morocco (20,000 students) and with at least 10 kilos of food for the Red Cross.

    Glow Table

    A glow in the dark table bench is an example of one of the many projects possible

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    Thank you for visiting us. We have built our reputation by offering the best quality photoluminescent pigments, products and services to clients in over 80 countries worldwide in the fields of industrial and maritime safety, construction and civic development, entertainment as well as the sports and leisure industries.


    We offer cost effective state-of-the-art premium grade photoluminescent pigments together with the technical expertise and product development co-operation that you require. We believe that by working together through mutual co-operation and participation, we will succeed in stimulating rapid development of the global marketplace through the leveraging of our expertise and products in the penetration of the target markets. We will assist you in all your endeavors to integrate our systems into your products.


    Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to being of service to you.


    GloTech International Corporate Headquarters

    GloTech International HQ
    Level 4, DLA Piper Tower
    209 Queen Street
    New Zealand
    PO Box 105436
    Auckland 1143
    New Zealand
    Telephone: 64 9 889 2579
    Email: customerservices@glotechint.com
    Website: www.glotechint.com


    We welcome any suggestions that you may have as to ways that we can improve our services to you. Leave us your message and we will get back to you soon.

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