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Natural light-storing rare-earth mineral crystals form the basis of GloTech's photoluminescent products. These crystals are non-radioactive, toxic-free and harmless, and can be recharged an infinite number of times. GloTech's premium grade photoluminescent pigments are of the highest quality with excellent afterglow effects, acknowledged to be among the best and brightest in the industry. They are utilized in the manufacture of our complete range of products including:

Photoluminescent Powder Pigments

Photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark powder is actually called phosphorescent crystals or pigments. This powdery substance absorbs light and then re-emits it over a length of time. This occurs when electrons absorb energy in the presence of light and move up to a higher orbit. In the absence of light energy, these same electrons fall from a higher energy level to a more stable energy level. When this occurs, they emit energy in the form of visible light. No chemical reaction actually occurs.

There are basically two types of photoluminescent powder. The first generation of photoluminescent powder that has been around for many years is Zinc Sulphide. The afterglow characteristics of Zinc Sulphide have much to be desired and is commonly used in the manufacture of toys and many non-critical application areas. GloTech supplies the latest state-of-the-art photoluminescent powder pigments that glow many times longer and is many times brighter than the first generation Zinc Sulphide and second generation Strontium Aluminate. They come in a variety of colors and different particle sizes to suit many requirements.

45-85 um or 200-300 mesh size - Large

* Relatively large particle size

* Very high afterglow intensity

* Suitable for many applications such as brush painting, spray painting, candle making, and glass molding

15-45 um or 300-400 mesh size - Medium

* Relatively moderate particle size

* Moderate afterglow intensity

* Suitable for many applications such as silkscreen printing and plastic molding

5-10 um or 500 mesh size - Fine*

* Relatively small particle size

* Moderately low afterglow intensity

* Suitable for certain applications that require very fine particle size such as thread and fiber production

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Photoluminescent Vinyl

GloTech's photoluminescent vinyl film is soft, flexible, and comes in both adhesive and non-adhesive backing. It can be easily cut into any shape required and the adhesive backing enables the film to be stuck on any normal, flat surface that is free from oil or grease. This is a finished product and can be applied in many applications such as safety escape signs, panels, tapes, stickers, labels and route markers in emergency egress systems.

ECO Series

GloTech's ECO Series photoluminescent vinyl film provides good glow luminescence and duration and is most suitable for applications where glow brightness and duration are not critical factors. GloTech's ECO Series provides the most cost effective solution for your printing or signage needs. For more information regarding our ECO vinyl film, please contact us.

AVD Series

GloTech's AVD Series photoluminescent vinyl film is the most commonly used industry standard vinyl film providing a very bright glow and over 48 hours of luminescence. This is the most common vinyl film used in the fabrication of safety escape signs, panels, tapes, stickers, labels and route markers in emergency egress systems. Complies with many international standards such as UL 1994, ASTM E 2072, etc. For more information regarding our AVD vinyl film, please contact us.

SOLA Series

GloTech's SOLA photoluminescent vinyl film is the brightest glow vinyl film in our range, and is suitable for applications where over 60 hours of luminescence is required. Thicker and heavier than either ECO or ADV series, SOLA vinyl film provides the brightest and longest luminescence per square meter than any other vinyl product. For more information regarding our SOLA vinyl film, please contact us.

Vinyl film samples can be viewed and purchased online at


Photoluminescent Paint

GloTech's photoluminescent paint is manufactured using our own custom engineered paint mediums, with it's chemical composition designed to meet several critical requirements and to ensure optimum performance. GloTech&'s photoluminescent paint can be applied using a variety of methods such as brush painting, spray painting and rolling. For maximum durability, clarity, and afterglow brightness, there is no other product in the market that can match GloTech's premium quality photoluminescent paint.

With a high powder to paint ratio giving a brighter and longer afterglow, the paint can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, can be applied on most surfaces and is perfectly suited for emergency egress systems. GloTech's photoluminescent paint has found extensive use in many areas including offices and public buildings, hotels, ships, offshore installations, railway, road and subway tunnels. When applied at 100 microns dry film thickness, and exposed to a light source for 10 minutes at 1,000 lux (DIN 67510-part 1), the afterglow substantially exceeds IMO luminescent effect requirements - minimum of 15 micro candela (mcd) for 600 seconds(10 minutes). Even better performance is produced when paint is applied in a thicker coat of more than 180 microns, resulting in an increase in afterglow brightness and duration.

For more information regarding our paint, please contact us. Samples can be viewed and purchased online at


Photoluminescent Masterbatch

GloTech manufactures and supplies a range of photoluminescent plastic masterbatch - PA, PP, PE, PC, ABS, PU, PS, PET, EVA and PVC - to various industry sectors throughout the world. They can be processed easily in injection moulding, extrusion or blow moulding applications to produce a variety of plastic products including housewares, packaging material, consumer durables, as well as toys.

As with all GloTech's products, these materials are free of any radioactive additives. With a high photoluminescent powder content, GloTech's photoluminescent masterbatches need only absorb natural or artificial light for only a few minutes before emitting a glow for over 12 hours!

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