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Frequently Asked Questions

How bright and long does GloTech's pigments actually glow?

The amount of glow depends upon one's perception. The powder will glow for over 12 hours, but how well you see the glow depends upon a number of factors. If there is ambient light, your eyes will have a tendency to adjust for that ambient light. If your eyes are not well adjusted to the dark, you may have trouble seeing the glow. If you get up in the middle of the night and walk into a dark room with the powder, you will see it very well. If you come from outside on a sunny day and walk into the same room, the glow will be very bright but you will not see the glow until my eyes adjust to the darkness. GloTech's photoluminescent powder pigments have been scientifically tested to emit light for up to 21 days in laboratory conditions!

Is the powder radioactive?

A common misconception of the use of GloTech's pigments is that these pigments are radioactive. This is not the case, and GloTech's products are non-toxic, environmentally safe and meet established international standards including:

Deutsche's Institute fur Normung e. V. (Germany) DIN 67510 PARTS 1 and 2
Underwriters Laboratories (USA) U/L 924
Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ)
International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Why GloTech?

GloTech's products offer the following performance advantages:

Unlike electric and battery powdered products, GloTech' s photoluminescent products:

1) Consume no electricity and need no electrical circuits to work,

2) Require no battery backup and are maintenance free,

3) Are explosion proof, vapor proof, are energy efficient and cost effective,

4)Are fail safe. They always work.

Unlike radioactive tritium products, GloTech's premium photoluminescent products:

1)Are non-radioactive, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly,

2) Generate no hazardous radioactive wastes,

3) Do not expire and create no disposal problems,

4) Last more than 20 years

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