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Welcome to GloTech International, the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality grade photoluminescent powder pigments at the most competitive prices on the market today.

Headquartered in New Zealand, GloTech International is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of premium grade photoluminescent products to a wide variety of industry sectors worldwide. Manufactured according to the latest in self-emitting light technology, our photoluminescent pigments are acknowledged to be the best and brightest in the market, meeting and exceeding many international standards. They come in a wide variety of colors and particle sizes, and are utilized in the manufacture of our complete range of products. Our clients, be they leading blue-chip multi-national corporations or government agencies, look to us to provide solutions in the safety, tourism, military, construction, sports, advertising, and maritime industries.

Here at GloTech, we are committed to product quality and service excellence. Through the continual exploration of new areas of application for state-of-the-art photoluminescent technology, we take pride in introducing new, innovative products and solutions for our customers. Whether you are a hobbyist looking for way to make a product glow, or a manufacturer seeking an innovative solution, our experts have the answer to your needs.

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